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About Us

We are a school with a Finland Method which used three languanges; English, Chinese, and Indonesian itself.Our school is located in East Surabaya, Indonesia. Our teaching team is composed of  highly qualified and experienced teachers. We are proud to say that our teachers are well-prepared to educate and train students to achieve academic excellence and acquire a strong moral foundation and passion for socially relevant extra-curricular work.


Strong reasons why Filadelfia School is the best choice for child's education :

Learning through singing


For us, teachers are great assets. We utilize all resources to do teachers recruitment, training and development. We are so proud of our team who are passionate with their calling, qualified to execute tasks, understand and love children wholeheartedly.

Teachers and staff are dedicated in creating a strong christian atmosphere where God's Word is integrated in daily learning and living, therefore every child will have a strong foundation in applying the Word of God.

The method applied aims at shaping children to become an independent and authentic learner. We focus on the process that inspire children to always have a desire to learn, therefore learning process does not end when school is over, instead wherever and whenever they are, their curiosity remains.

We believe every child can make a difference, therefore we encourage and promote each child to both individually or in group to be directly involve in community services and programs carried out either inside or outside school.